• Put yourself in the hands of the best in the industry
  • Put yourself in the hands of the best in the industry
  • Put yourself in the hands of the best in the industry

Tooling experts in Barcelona

CADE Projectes is a company dedicated to tools. It arose when we detected the need to cover all phases of the design and manufacturing process. We have more than 30 years of experience in carrying out this type of work: we design, plan, project and manufacture together with our clients, especially in the automotive. In addition to this, we also carry out projects from the development of the product until the tooling for series production is delivered. Browse through our website to take a look at all our offer. If you have any questions, use the contact channels that we have enabled to receive your comments and questions. We will be happy to give you an answer as quickly as possible.

What do we offer you?




3D Print

We develop the product in line with the needs of our customers. We carry out a study of the product, providing innovative proposals with the aim of achieving maximum optimization:

  • Definition of parting lines
  • Analysis of radii
  • Analysis of demoulding
  • Analysis of thicknesses
  • Definition of expulsion 
  • Cooling study

  • Process and manufacturing simulation
  • Advanced and complete simulation based on finite element calculation.
  • Fast and efficient simulation for the complete evaluation of the casting process.
  • Simulation to calculate and dimension the feeding system in the high pressure casting process (HPDC)

  • High Pressure Tooling (HPDC) for Aluminum Injection.
  • High Pressure Tooling (HPDC) for Plastic Injection.
  • Low Pressure Tooling (LPDC).
  • Sand Boxes (Sand Castings).
  • Deburring dies.
  • Tool modifications and improvements.


  • Conformal Cooling
  • Deposition modeling
  • Filament Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Control fixtures
  • SLA modeling

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New advances in tooling design

Tooling, also known as specialty tools, is an essential production tool in many industries. These tools have improved and evolved significantly in recent years, allowing specialists to design more sophisticated and efficient tools. For example, there are now tooling tools specifically designed to work with difficult materials, such as stainless steel. These tools are designed to be more resistant to wear, making them perfect for high-quality production work. Other tools have been designed to work with lighter materials such as plastic, meaning there are now tools for all needs. New advances in tooling design have also allowed specialists to design more durable and precise tools: production jobs can be completed faster and more efficiently, which in turn means end products are of much better quality.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality in the products and services we offer.

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